Any person passed out from School of physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy completing the diploma of Physiotherapy, duly graduated from any national university with the degree of BSc. Physiotherapy,, registered as a physiotherapist in Sri Lanka Medical council, Sri Lanka or an institution recognised by the council of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Sri Lanka shall be eligible to be elected as an ordinary members. That Physiotherapist can be applying initially for the general membership. 10 years after maintaining successfully membership & achieving the required number of points by being an active member  CSP council can be promoted qualified members to followership.(Honorable members and first council members are directly promoted to  fellowship)(Those who are having internationally recognized (research or innovation)


Honorary Members:

Any member of the Medical Profession or persons distinguished in any other branch of science, who is not eligible to be an ordinary member of the society shall be eligible to be elected as an honorary member of the society or for the post of Patron or Vice-Patron.





Temporary Members:

Any member of any Physiotherapy Association recognised by the World Confederation of Physical Therapy who is temporarily but not ordinarily resident in Sri Lanka shall on the production to Hon. Secretary of a recommendation from such approved Association shall become a temporary member of the society for the period of his temporary residence.


Life Members:

Any member of the society other than Honorary or Temporary member, who has been for Founder members or 20 years continuously a member of the society, shall be eligible for life membership.


Non-resident Members:

Any person who practices physiotherapy outside Sri Lanka and who is qualified to be registered under the rules of the society shall be eligible for election as a non-resident member of the society provided his name has not been removed from the register for reasons stated in Rule.


Student members:

Any person duly registered for BSc. Physiotherapy in any national university or for the diploma in physiotherapy in School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy shall be eligible to be elected as a student members. Once these members are eligible for any of the above category their membership will change to those category.